Our officers

2018 BOARD:

Patrick Stuart (President)

Patrick Stuart
Patrick Stuart

Patrick Stuart arrived in Columbus in 1991 after graduation from the University of Cincinnati with an architectural degree. A former resident of Toledo, with past addresses in upstate New York, Iowa and Minnesota (and a dad from Indiana and a brother in Maryland), he now finds anyplace outside Big 10 territory mildly terrifying.  He currently occupies a house with one wife, two sons, a dog and a cat, and is somewhere between the dog and cat as far as the hierarchy of things.

Patrick has been a member of BCW since 2011, including several stints as board member and chapter president.  He’s published some short stories in online zines and university presses, had agent representation with one book for a few years, and is now shopping a second book while working on another. In addition to being a word nerd, he is in the habit of running, making his own Christmas cards, and writing about himself in the third person. More info can be found at pstuart3.wixsite.com/mysite or www.linkedin.com/in/patrick-stuart-4438a6b/.

Kandy Williams (Vice President) (writing as Mercedes King)

Mercedes King
Mercedes King

A founding member of Buckeye Crime Writers, Mercedes King is a Columbus, Ohio, native. With a degree in Criminology from Capital University, she enjoys combining her love of pop culture with history and exploring the depths of deviant behavior. Since her stories often mix fact with fiction and are shaped by not-so-distant decades, she refers to many of her works as Modern Historicals. O! Jackie , A Dream Called Marilyn, and Plantation Nation are among her growing body of titles. In 2016 and 2017, Mercedes was a finalist for the Claymore Award. When she’s not elbow-deep in research, reading, or enjoying the local bike path, she might be at Wrigley Field or sinking her toes into the sand somewhere along Florida’s coastline.

Carolyn Melvin (Treasurer)

Carolyn Melvin moved to Columbus after graduating from Dickinson College in Carlisle, PA, with a new husband, a 1974 orange Chevrolet Vega, a mattress and $350 cash.  Her first job in Columbus was working as a clerk for a collection attorney, and her first major accomplishment as a new college grad with a French major was arranging for the repossession and sale of a three year-old Cadillac outside a Columbus bar where she netted $14,000 for the client.  After that, she progressed to teaching French I – IV and Freshman English at Wherle High School, which is now the site of the Columbus Fire Training Academy.  She taught for three years and then attended the Ohio State law school full time, graduating in 1980.  She practiced law for almost thirty years and currently lives with her husband and one very spoiled cat, dividing her time between Buckeye Lake and Naples, FL.

Carolyn was one of the founding members of BCW (formerly known as Sisters in Crime of Columbus, Ohio) and has been a member since 2008, serving on the Board and in all the officer capacities at one time or another.  She has published legal articles, that no one wants to read, and is currently working on her first mystery novel, that she hopes everyone will want to read.  She likes to volunteer, cook, travel, read and write book reviews.

Connie Berry (Member/critique specialist)

Mystery writer Connie Campbell Berry was born in Racine, Wisconsin, to second-generation immigrants from Scandinavia and the British Isles.

Like her main character, Connie grew up in the world of fine antiques. Her parents, unrepentant antique fanatics, eventually opened a shop, not because they liked selling antiques so much but because they needed a plausible excuse to continue buying them.

To learn more about Connie, and her new book deal (how’s that for a teaser?), visit her website here.

Jim Sabin (Member/social media)

Jim Sabin
Jim Sabin

Jim Sabin has been a Columbus resident for about four years and a lifelong Ohio resident. He fled to Columbus suburbia after spending twenty years as a reporter and editor at mid-sized newspapers around the state, covering everything from high school football to Coon Dog Trial weddings to horrible multi-victim murders to local, regional and state elections. He’ll let you decide which of those were wilder. He started writing short stories in high school, but switched to news articles before graduating, under the mistaken impression that large numbers of people would actually be willing to pay for news articles for the rest of his career.

Now Jim is in public relations for his alma mater, Ohio University, and working on novels that he sincerely hopes people will want to buy for the rest of his career. When he’s not doing one or the other, he’s spending time with his wife, college-age son, preschool-age son, or playing fantasy baseball or football, or jumping from hobby to hobby like a flea at the fairgrounds. You can find more about his musings here.