Writing Neurodivergent Characters

Jenna Grinstead

Great presentation by Jenna and Eva. Here is a link to a one-pager with important dos and don’ts. Authentic Neurodivergent Characters. Taught by neurodiverse authors, this workshop looks at what it means to be neurodiverse in a fictional world—the good, the bad, and the stereotypical. Learn strategies for writing the kind of three-dimensional, authentic characters readers crave. Join us on May 18, 2024 at the Upper Arlington Library, 2800 Tremont Rd from 11:00 to Noon in Room B. We will also be broadcasting this on Zoom (RSVP to buckeyecrimewriters@gmail.com for the link).

These authors will highlight examples from published works, comparative writing exercises, and interactive discussion. In addition, they will cover the following topics:

Eva Siedler
  • What neurodiversity is
  • Taking the good with the bad
  • Harmful practices/language to avoid
  • Importance of perspective
  • Conducting research that is both accurate and respectful

Jenna Grinstead is a whimsical Midwesterner with a penchant for magic and a deep desire for a world where the weird and different are embraced and celebrated. 

She is a graduate of The Ohio State University where she studied journalism. She found a way to turn her imagination and creativity into a career in marketing, while writing young adult and middle grade fiction. She often conducts workshops and speaks on writing, world-building, social media, and marketing.

Jenna’s young adult romance manuscripts have won several regional writing awards, including The Maggie, The Stiletto, and The Indiana Golden Opportunity.

When she’s not plotting her next story you can find her devouring novels and mint chocolate chip ice cream.

She is represented by Analieze Cervantes with Rees Literary Agency. You can find Jenna at https://www.jennagrinstead.com/ .

Eva Siedler and her sexy aircraft mechanic husband have built a crazy home in Central Ohio filled with almost as much neurodiversity as love. By day she wrangles two teenage boys with the supernatural ability to misplace anything, her POTS symptoms, and carpools. By night she writes funny, spicy love stories packed with strong, sassy heroines, big-hearted heroes, and tons of wacky small-town shenanigans.

Represented by Jordy Albert of The Booker Albert Literary Agency, Eva’s debut novel, Work It Out, was released in January 2024 by Entangled Publishing, LLC.

You’ve written the book, now what?

Donna Ho

Thank you to Donna Ho for a great presentation on March 23rd from 11-12:00 EST. Here is a link to the recording on Zoom. Donna Ho Presentation. Passcode: ^5GZr*M1

Also, here are the resources she cited during her presentation:

Books: The Chicago Guide to Copyediting Fiction by Amy J. Schneider; Editing Fiction at the Sentence Level by Louise Harnby


The Editorial Freelancers Association job list/directory page: https://www.the-efa.org/hiring/ – prospective clients can post a job listing or browse the directory

ACES-The Society for Editors Editors for HIre page: https://aceseditors.org/resources/for-hire#list-top

Louise Harnby’s Website because it’s full of valuable resources for editors and writers: https://www.louiseharnbyproofreader.com/

Donna is a freelance fiction editor specializing in developmental and line editing and a fellow writer. Holding bachelor’s degrees in Creative Writing and Communication, she has further honed her craft through professional training in editing from the University of California, Berkeley.

Donna specializes in editing across various genres, with particular proficiency in contemporary romance, young adult, and historical fiction. 

She has a keen eye for detail and a talent for helping writers bring their work to the next level. To get the link, email us at buckeyecrimewriters@gmail.com.

You can find Donna at Thoughts & Plots Editorial Service.