Ohio Author Spotlight: Casey Daniels

If you are fascinated by multiple personalities and the pen names to go with them, Cleveland author, Casey Daniels, is right up your alley. Casey aka Kylie Logan, Miranda Bliss, Zoe Daniels, Constance Laux, Connie Deka, Connie Lane, and Connie Laux has written numerous romance novels and cozy mysteries. Casey was once lucky enough to interview mystery great Elizabeth Peters for an article in the Cleveland Plain Dealer.  Elizabeth wrote her novels under more than one name too, and she described the experience this way: “If you’re only one person, you’re boring.”

Casey is anything but boring.  When she came to one of our meetings and spoke about using tarot cards to plot a mystery novel, she was Casey.  When we ran into her at the Ohioana Book Festival, she was Kylie. As Casey Daniels, she has written the Pepper Martin Mystery series which features a cemetery tour guide as the protagonist and includes ten novels, the most recent of which, Graveyard Shift, was released in July 2020. As Kylie Logan, she has written five League of Literary Ladies Mysteries, three Chili Cook-Off Mysteries, four Button Box Mysteries, and an Ethnic Eats Mystery. 

Graveyard Shift/Casey Daniels

So, who is Casey, aka Kylie, aka Miranda, aka Connie, etc. anyway?  She’s a fulltime writer who has loved mysteries since she was a kid. Her dad was a Cleveland Police detective, and he introduced her to the Sherlock Holmes stories. He also gave Casey her first investigating experiences when on his days off, they would pile into the car and hit the streets to look for stolen cars. Later, she read her way through every mystery story she could get her hands on.

Agatha Christie and Conan Doyle are still among her favorites.

Casey has a degree in English and experience as a journalist and writing teacher. When she’s not writing, she’s usually with her family and their two dogs, Ernie, an adorable Airedale pup, and Oscar, a rescued Jack Russell who spends far too much time watching TV. She enjoys knitting, gardening and stomping through cemeteries in search of history, stories and inspiration.

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