Policing Through the Ages

Jonathon Anderson

Jonathon gave a fascinating historical perspective on policing. To see the taped version, click here. https://sistersincrime-org.zoom.us/rec/share/HNJ7sppmd-kc3tXlNp09heBWDgpq1yrNno8rFUaUC_7UYYVyDnZzTd1rPmDVQfM.nBl24UUVq88L6NJN?startTime=1694876562000
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Join us on Saturday, September 16th from 11 to 12:30 PM for a special Zoom presentation by Police Historian Jonathon Anderson. Jon will give an overview of how policing developed in the U.S., including the unique aspects of policing in slave-holding states vs. abolitionist states. He’ll also touch on early historical influences from the Roman Empire and England as well as policing in the Middle Ages.

Jon is a retired Lieutenant from the Onondaga County Sheriff’s Office in New York and has done stints as a crime scene specialist, Internal affairs, and community relations. He’s also been the Historic Site Manager, Onondaga County Parks Dept. Office of Museums and Historic Sites as well as a Board Member of the Onondaga Historical Association.

He’s had fifty articles in publications such as Law and Order Magazine, National Sheriffs’ Magazine, and Police Magazine. In addition, Jon’s debut book, Gannentaha, was published in April this year. This true story focuses on the 1656 French Jesuit mission embassy among the Haudenosaunee-Iroquois. At its heart, it’s an intriguing historical human drama, a hallmark cultural interface event, an inspirational faith journey, and an audacious act of perseverance and courage within a larger historical saga.

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