You’ve written the book, now what?

Donna Ho

Thank you to Donna Ho for a great presentation on March 23rd from 11-12:00 EST. Here is a link to the recording on Zoom. Donna Ho Presentation. Passcode: ^5GZr*M1

Also, here are the resources she cited during her presentation:

Books: The Chicago Guide to Copyediting Fiction by Amy J. Schneider; Editing Fiction at the Sentence Level by Louise Harnby


The Editorial Freelancers Association job list/directory page: – prospective clients can post a job listing or browse the directory

ACES-The Society for Editors Editors for HIre page:

Louise Harnby’s Website because it’s full of valuable resources for editors and writers:

Donna is a freelance fiction editor specializing in developmental and line editing and a fellow writer. Holding bachelor’s degrees in Creative Writing and Communication, she has further honed her craft through professional training in editing from the University of California, Berkeley.

Donna specializes in editing across various genres, with particular proficiency in contemporary romance, young adult, and historical fiction. 

She has a keen eye for detail and a talent for helping writers bring their work to the next level. To get the link, email us at

You can find Donna at Thoughts & Plots Editorial Service.

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